Dispensing, billing and management solution of inventory in hospitals

Medinize is a cloud-based billing and inventory management solution that integrates seamlessly into your hospital management solution. This enables you to extend back-office functionality to the front-line which in turn produces efficiencies and cost savings to your business. Many hospitals are still using manual processes in wards and theatres for ensuring that the medicine is billed to the patient. such as paper forms and Word and Excel documents to collect data for billing purposes.
Enable hospitals to bill in real-time and manage stock more efficiently, creating shorter turnaround for claims and creating a more efficient environment. Simplifying Your Admin Processes While Helping You To Maintain Control Of Your Cash Flow.
The Medinize product consists of various  modules with a consolidated back-office to support the solution with monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Ward Billing Creates a mobile app for nurses to scan and dispense medicines to patients in real time. The app seamlessly interfaces with the hospital management system, eliminating the need for manual data entry and associated problems.


Theatre Billing Develops a mobile app for theatre billing that tracks patients through various theatre stages, including receiving, operating room, and recovery. The app electronically captures procedure details, doctor information, time spent in theatre, and stock usage. This information seamlessly integrates into the hospital’s patient management system upon completion of the theatre visit.


Monitoring and Reporting Back-office to allow management, reporting and monitoring of the solution The back-office allows for consolidated reporting, management and monitoring of users, devices and activities within the solution.


Stock transfer and counting Create a mobile app for streamlined stock transfer between hospital wards, updating storage locations in real time. Enhance efficiency with integrated stock counting capabilities, making the process more effective and less tedious. Initiate stock counting seamlessly from within the hospital management system or directly from storage locations.

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Whiteboard Mobile app to display ward patient details electronically. The whiteboard allows each ward to display patient details as they occupy the ward with additional details that is configurable per client.


Pack Management Back-office feature to allow grouping of material for billing purposes. Ability to group materials for increased efficiencies in the billing process. This is typically used for certain types of materials that are always used together.

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